Shawne Merriman has had an interesting career trajectory. The former linebacker retired from football back in 2013, following which he developed an interest in combat sports. Recently, Merriman has been transitioning into promoting MMA. In addition, “Lights Out” also briefly flirted with pro wrestling.

Merriman recently appeared on “Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette,” where he talked about his different career moves. Among other things, Merriman also talked about his interest in and involvement with WWE.

I don’t know anybody that was around my age that didn’t watch WWE, just growing up in general. Every time I got home from school, I was going to watch.

Between 2008 and 2014, the former linebacker made several sporadic appearances on the wrestling promotion. In fact, Merriman’s association with WWE was set to evolve into something more.


Merriman revealed that he had a conversation with Triple H prior to his retirement. After receiving positive feedback for a PPV he did in San Diego, Merriman discussed his plans of joining WWE with Triple H.

So the plan was to work for the NFL Network, and then train half the time and then the other half of the time spend in Orlando at the Performance Center.

Unfortunately, the two sides were at an impasse over Merriman’s “Lights Out” branding, and negotiations fell through. That being said, he has still not given up on the idea of being a wrestler, and continues to talk to people from WWE.

The company wants the big, athletic guy. They want to go after athletes. And I’ve always said more athletes should be doing that.

It would certainly be interesting to watch Merriman in this new role. He certainly seems enthusiastic about the idea. Whether WWE is on the same page as him, is yet to be seen.

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