Jake Paul is ready to take on Tyron Woodley for the second time and as usual he is very confident about it. But his time he has something different in mind going forward with his career. According to the YouTube sensation, he’ll try his hand at mixed martial arts.

Paul fully expects to defeat “The Chosen One” and continue competing in bigger fights. He won’t just stick with boxing, he told the media on Thursday. They’re scheduled to fight on December 18, 2021, on Showtime PPV.

The Problem Child said during a recent media scrum, via MMA Junkie, that he plans to compete as a mixed martial artist in the future. To prepare for the new sport, he’ll enlist the help of former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Khabib is undoubtedly one of the best out there and will be a great mentor.

“People seem to forget that I was a state wrestler, Division 1 in Ohio, one of the hardest wrestling states, I don’t see why if I can do boxing at this high of a level that I couldn’t do MMA at this high of a level. I’m gonna go get coached up by Jav Mendez, Team Khabib, and that’s that. They’re down, 100 percent.”


When Paul said during the pre-fight presser that he was considering competing in MMA, Woodley, of course, had something to say. “You a lie,” Woodley said. “Let’s do MMA then. Let’s do this MMA after we do this boxing so I can elbow you in the head and knee you in the nugget.”

Jake Paul has been in the news for quite some time since he is up and about fighting against all these big names. He has come a long way from just being in scandals to fighting in a ring. This second matchup against Woodley would be a great one to witness as he moves one step further in this sport.

Who would you like to see win among Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley in the match? Let us know in the comments.

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