It is a known fact by now that Jake Paul cannot go more than a few days without getting his name in headlines. The Youtuber-turned-brawler is notorious for putting his extravagant ways on display, and it’s no different this time.

At his presser with Tyron Woodley, Paul came out to declare himself as the “most valuable boxer,” with a belt to back his claim up. The belt in question is one of a kind, designed by artist Alec Monopoly.

The “Most Valuable Boxer” championship belt comes fitted with a Rolex and a Cartier watch, along with a Birkin bag. While this might sound excessive already, the details are even more impressive.

The belt has a Rolex and a Cartier sewn into the strap on side. The Birkin bag attached to the other side, claims Paul, is worth $40K. All in all, the thing is worth a whopping $500K.


What’s even more astounding is that the belt, which Paul describes as being “hand-painted by one of the greatest artists of [his] generation,” was given to him as a gift.

Thanks to the kind-hearted CEO of @mostvaluablepromotions for the belt. It’s hand-painted by one of the greatest artists of our generation.

The Problem Child has also claimed that he’s gonna bag the $500K knockout bonus in his upcoming fight against Woodley, and invest it all into cryptocurrency.

Why anyone would need two watches and a bag attached to a belt, is a question that still needs an answer. Nevertheless, Paul seems quite proud of his shiny new possession. Check out the picture of the belt below.

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