Viewers of the Packers vs. Bears game on Sunday Night Football might’ve seen two Aaron Rodgers on their TV screens.

As Green Bay’s quarterback was on the field, the NBC kept cutting to a man in the stands who looked oddly like the three-time MVP. The real Aaron Rodgers addressed the situation during his weekly Tuesday appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show.”

“I was basically trying to astro-project my self into the stands,” Rodgers joked dryly. “And I was able to do that and then they found me, somehow. That was an astro-projection of my own body, with a filled-in beard.”

“Great beard by the way.” “That was a total plant by NBC,” Rodgers laughed. The funniest moment of the Rodgers doppelgänger in the Lambeau stands was when he acknowledged the camera.


The Aaron-Rodgers lookalike wasn’t the only instance of doppelgänger activity this past NFL Sunday. Earlier in the day, Texans punter Cameron Johnston took off his helmet and had a striking resemblance to comedian Bill Burr.

It’s very delightful and equally hilarious to see such things during a game. A view which both the fans and players can laugh about later when seeing it. It was such a moment of laughter.

Anirban Biswas

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