In 2020, DWTS professional dancer, Witney Carson and her husband, Carson McAllister, welcomed their first child, son Leo. They are now hinting at having a second one soon.

Recently on Instagram, Carson uploaded a photo of herself and her son enjoying the snow. The photo was captioned: “LOVE OF MY LIFE. Is it time for a second?” The easy hint soon became a topic of discussion for the fans.

Many fans replied saying that they are excited to see Carson with another baby. There were also several cautionary comments suggesting her to wait at least a year before having another. A person wrote it was totally up to her decision but that person would suggest otherwise. There was this noticeable comment:

“Enjoy the first a little longer you’ll never be able to just be the two of you again once a sibling comes!”


Many suggested her to spend more time with precious Leo. Several others assured Carson saying that the love for the first child will not diminish when she has a second. A person stated that love never divides, it always multiplies.

“Enjoy him and take your time. No rush. I have felt a little bit of guild with each sibling, but love does not divide, it multiplies,” one commenter told Carson. “Still hard to let go of each baby’s ‘babyhood’ – they seem SO huge once a new sibling is born.”

Some expressed their willingness to see Carson on another season of Dancing With the Stars before she tries for another baby. She missed season 29 of the show because she had just delivered Leo as the season started. Enough of fan opinions, let’s wait and see what Carson decides for herself.

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