With the season finale of “Survivor 41” approaching, fans cannot help but wonder about the status of season 42 of the hit CBS show. While we don’t know for certain how many seasons “Survivor” will continue to air, fans can take comfort in the knowledge that the show will be on for at least another television year.

Seasons 41 and 42 were both filmed in Fiji in the summer of 2021. According to Inside Survivor, the editing process for season 42 is very likely underway. In addition, CBS is currently casting people for seasons 43 and 44, meaning that the show has already planned to air through until likely May 2023.

Although the ratings for ‘Survivor’ have been more or less steadily dropping since season 2, Survivor was such a massive success at its beginning that CBS has been able to afford such a decline. The show continues to lead on Wednesday nights, garnering over 5 million viewers consistently. Such a rating success is in no danger of being canceled anytime soon. Some producers of the show are even confident that the show will reach 50 seasons.

Survivor 42 is set to air a little later than normal this fall. Although the spring Survivor seasons usually begin airing around February, the premiere date of Survivor 42 has been pushed to March 9, 2022. The reason for the later premiere date is because CBS’s other winter/spring series, namely “The Amazing Race” and “Celebrity Big Brother”, will be airing on Wednesday nights for the first two months of 2022 instead of “Survivor.”

Fans should keep in mind that “Survivor 42” has already been filmed. It also means that none of the changes fans have been vocal about seeing, such as a reduction in the show’s substantial number of new twists, will be realized. If fans have any hope of the changes they want to see be actualized, it will not be until at least season 43.

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