Kid Cudi has been under appreciated for far too long. While his music does not achieve astronomical streaming numbers, his impact on the hip-hop scene is bold irreversible. His creative influence permeates throughout today’s hottest artists, from Travis Scott to Tyler, The Creator.

On Thursday December 9, Cudi reaped the benefits of his hard work. His 2020 seventh studio album Man on the Moon III: The Chosen became certified Gold by selling over 500,000 units in the US.

Coming to know about his Gold status,  Cudi couldn’t stop himself from taking off to Twitter to unleash his emotions. He started his celebratory series of tweets by thanking his fans and God: “MAN ON THE MOON 3 IS OFFICIALLY GOLD!!! YALL DID THIS!!! I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! GOD IS GOOD!!”.

In the next tweet, he emphasized this milestone by saying it was his first Gold honor for an album of his since 2013. “Yall dont understand. I haven’t had a solo gold album in YEARS. Since INDICUD. 2013. Never be discouraged. Keep ragin forward. Stick w it. Never give up”. His 2018 album Kids See Ghosts with Kanye West (as hop-hop duo Kids See Ghosts) has also been certified gold and silver in the US and the UK.


Cudi continued to hammer home how stoked he was and how far hard work can take you: “I am proof u can rise from the ashes. Thank You man. Im just…wow”. it is amazing to see Cudi get the recognition he deserves. The rapper is set to release two albums in 2022, including his highly-anticipated multi-faceted project Entergalactic. So, there’s only good things ahead!

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Shifa Jahan

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