Jack Harlow shared that Eminem has influenced him a lot as a rapper. He revealed that it was his mother who exposed him to Slim Shady’s bars. Jack has now made it to the 2022 Forbes Under 30 music list.

A part of Jack portrays the role his parents played in his success. Referencing an article published in 2017 in Louisville, the Forbes writer credited his Father for teaching him the value of vulnerability. They also credited Jack’s mother for playing a lot of Eminem while he was in her womb.

Jack’s mother also came up with the strategy that Jack adopted. To get good at something, you need to log in 10,000 hours of practice. The Kentucky rapper followed this advice, practicing anywhere and everywhere, just like one of his idols, Marshall Mathers.

Jack Harlow is one of the fastest-rising hip-hop stars. He is making streaming numbers, millions in revenue. He recently made a recording collaboration with Eminem, putting a new verse on the “Killer” remix.

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