Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the league, when he is in groove. Unfortunately, this season has not been good to Davis as well as his team the Los Angeles Lakers.

Davis had numerous missteps in this year as his confidence keeps on diminishing. He is definitely one of the most fearless big men in the NBA. This year however, he was very frail and timid.

Last night, the Lakers gave away a winning game to the Memphis Grizzlies. After the game, Davis spoke to reporters about the loss. He reveals that consistency is a key factor that is effecting their miserable run.

According to Michael Corvo of ClutchPoints, it all has to do with consistency. Davis speaks about how erratic their form has been. Some games they have gone great but in some games, they were terrible. There wasn’t even a hint of consistency in their game this season. In his words,


“That’s our biggest problem right now: consistency. We come out certain games and don’t play how we’re supposed to play. Then, games like Boston, we come out and play great. We gotta be a more consistent team if we want to truly compete for a championship. It’s a mindset thing.”

Davis suggested that the Lakers need to attain an underdog mindset going forward. This would help when it comes to tempering expectations. This strategy better start working soon, or they could not even make it through the postseason.

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