Travis Scott recently broke his silence for the first time since the deadly Astroworld tragedy. In the midst of a $10 billion lawsuit filed by a group of victims, he spoke to Charlamagne Tha God in a YouTube interview about the incident. An attorney for one of the victims who died at the concert is not pleased about it.

Tony Buzbee represents Axel Acosta. The 21-year-old passed away due to injuries he suffered in the stampede. Buzbee watched Scott’s interview, and says that he’s offended by the rapper’s attempt to paint himself as the victim, according to TMZ.

“Axel Acosta and the many others killed or injured are the victims. Travis Scott, his entourage, handlers, promoters, managers, hangers on and everyone else who enable him are the problem. Everything that Travis Scott has done or said since ten people died and hundreds of others were injured at his concert has been lawyer driven and calculated to shift blame from him to someone else.”

Buzbee is helming a $750 million lawsuit against Travis Scott and other parties he alleges are responsible for the horrific event. The attorney says there’s no way the performer didn’t know what was going on. Death was occuring before his eyes.

“He now says he had an ear piece in, and was not told what was going on in the crowd. That raises the question: Did he have an ear piece in his eye? Why did he purposely ignore the death and mayhem occurring literally feet from him?”

The courts will ultimately determine who is responsible and for what damages relating to Astroworld. Travis Scott is trying to rehabilitate his broken image. Attorney Tony Buzbee says he sees right through Scott’s facade.

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