Kieran Culkin is reaching whole new levels of fame courtesy to his breakthrough performance in the hit HBO series Succession. The actor however, has no interest in experiencing the bittersweet life of a celebrity.

Culkin has witnessed the traps of celebrity life in the past. He has watched what his brother Macaulay went through after Home Alone became an international phenomenon. Particularly, all the stalking and paparazzis.

In an interview with NPR’s Fresh Air, Kieran revealed a disturbing incident involving himself, Mac, and their oldest brother Shane. During a cab ride home, Shane was the first to realize that things were going south. Shane noticed that the cab driver was attempting to follow the kids home after dropping them off. Via Mediaite:

“My brother Shane said, ‘Get down, tie your shoe.’ And we tied our shoe and the cab stopped. I was about nine and my brother Shane was probably a teenager. He had to be in charge of this thing happening.”


Shane instantly worked out the plan to prevent the cabby from knowing their home address. The driver eventually drove away after getting honked at by people behind him. To this date, the “frightening” moment is deeply etched in Culkin’s memory. As a child, Culkin learnt what heights people can reach to invade a celebrity’s life.

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