Drake is arguably on of the biggest rappers in the world, so it’s normal for him to be subject of internet chatter on a regular basis. Most recently, Drake is found trending for supposedly sleeping with Kylie Jenner behind Travis Scott‘s back.

On Wednesday, December 8, Drake was yet again trending on Twitter. The trend started off when a woman claiming to be the mother of one of Tristan Thompson’s children accused Drake of sleeping with Kylie Jenner.

Kylie has a daughter with Travis Scott and also pregnant with their second. She is also the half-sister of Khloe Kardashian, Thompson’s ex. Maralee Nichols blasted on her Instagram Stories,

“You said that you planned to leave Khloe… it wasn’t working and hasn’t been for years and you were retiring from the NBA after this year and planned to leave Cali. And you told me you planned to leave Khloe at Doja Cat’s party in L.A. Flew me and my best friend out. All for why??”


Nichols continued with her story saying:

“Sad that I have to threaten to expose the Kardashians for a response smh. You know Drake slept with Kylie last year but you aren’t man enough to tell Travis (Scott). There it is. Good night folks. More tomorrow. I’m not being quiet anymore. Idc about a gag order or the kardashians threatening to sue for defamation. It’s so many twisted, unscrupulous dark things that the public doesn’t know about but they will. Soon. Just stay tuned.”

The internet drama doesn’t end there. Nichols stooped so low to even share a personal message she received from Thompson after her previous allegations. The direct message from Thompson read the following:

“Can you please stop? We can talk about this like adults in private….leave Doja and other names out of this. I’ll be in Houston in a few weeks.”

This is not the first time Drake face such accusations regarding Kylie Jenner. In November 2019, it was reported they had mutual feelings for each other. Whether they were casually dating back then or not is still a secret though.

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