We love a wholesome moment. A dog named Toby recently went viral on TikTok for being a die-hard Dodgers fans. And the franchise was sweet enough to invite the adorable pup to Chavez Ravine.

Previously known as Brooklyn Bridegrooms, the Los Angeles Dodgers or LA Dodgers are a professional baseball team from America. Initially established in Brooklyn, in 1883, they later migrated to Los Angeles in 1958. Notably, the Dodgers are the first baseball team to have won several championships for two consecutive years. They are among the most popular and influential MLB teams to date, with a vast fan-following all over the world.

Earlier in the year, a video was posted to the social media platform TikTok of a Beagle named Toby who was having a rough time getting to know his owner’s partner. This eventually got so much attention that the Dodgers themselves commented on the video saying they were going to send the family something. However, it seemed that after the family got into contact with the Dodgers social media, nothing came in the mail after months of waiting.

Then the family took to their TikTok to post about it again and hoped it will get enough attention for another response and it worked. The Dodgers said their package never made it to Toby and his family, so they made it up to him. The Dodgers invited Toby and his owners to Dodger Stadium and gave him the V.I.P. treatment.

Toby was able to sit in the Vin Scully press box and his photo was shared on the Jumbotron, thanking him for his loyalty to the Dodgers. They even gave Toby his own personal jersey and let him run on the field. The Dodgers made sure to remind everyone that some things are bigger than baseball and now Toby the Beagle has officially been on the same field as his favorite team.

Artoria Pendragon

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