Travis Scott didn’t care enough about his fans to protect them from harm, according to the attorney for a victim of the tragedy at the Astroworld festival in Houston. Tony Buzbee is representing Axel Acosta in the matter. The 21-year-old is one of nine people who lost their lives in a crowd stampede at the concert.

TMZ spoke to Buzbee, who weaved a story of a selfish artist who doesn’t care about the people who paid to see him perform. Acosta traveled from the Pacific northwest to see the show, and Travis Scott and his team didn’t have enough love for the fans to prevent the tragic events.

The attorney noted that if Travis Scott really cared about his fans, he would’ve taken the time to consider their safety. He believes that adequate measures were not taken, resulting in the loss of life. Buzbee appears to blame Scott above any other factor for the incident.

Tony Buzbee says that he hasn’t heard from Scott’s people about his offer to pay for the funerals of the victims. The family of Rudy Peña, who also died at the festival, have said the same thing. Travis appears to be in no hurry to live up to his promise.

Travis Scott’s representatives say they’re trying to figure out how to reach out to each of the affected families. They also invited the families to reach out to them if they’re looking for assistance. The longer the payments are delayed, the more Scott’s already diminishing reputation will be smashed. The families don’t appear to trust him.

Buzbee is performing his own investigation into the event. He claims that Houston police requested riot gear before the gates even opened for the concert. By 10am, the police had already lost control of the event. An extra 300 officers raised the total for the event to 500. Apparently, that was not enough.

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