Kaitlyn Bristowe is being criticized for putting Tayshia Adams on the spot during the The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special. The ABC star recently co-hosted the taping of Men Tell All episode with Tayshia Adams where she asked a question that cost her negative remarks.

During the middle of Michelle Young’s season of the ABC dating show, Kaitlyn noticed Tayshia not wearing her engagement ring. At some point, she surprised her co-host with a random question. Kaitlyn asked Tayshia about her recent break up with fiancé, Zac Clark. Seemingly heartbroken, Tayshia replied:

“All in all, all I have to say is that I’m heartbroken. We tried really hard and I still love him very much. I’m not sure what the future holds. You know how it is… It’s really tough.”

That was definitely a reaction Kaitlyn did not expect. She then went ahead to offer her friend support by introducing Rodney Matthews. Rodney is Michelle Young’s rejected suitor. Kaitlin introduced him by saying, “From one broken heart to another…”


As Rodney started to settle in, Tayshia broke down in tears and stormed backstage. Viewers were taken aback by the segment. People expressed their anger on social media. A twitter user wrote:

“I feel like Kaitlyn is normally very good at being empathetic, but I hope she watches that back and realizes how it came off. Tayshia didn’t deserve that at all,”

It was insensitive of Kaitlyn to bring up Tayshia’s personal turmoil in the middle of the special episode. Another tweeted:

“’From one broken heart to another’ KAITLYN SWEETIE NO WONDER TAYSHIA RAN OFF THE STAGE CRYING #bachelorette #thebachelroette #mentellall”

Some fans however, defended Kaitlyn and pointed to ABC and The Bachelorette producers for the segment. They believed it was all scripted out and Tayshia knew it was coming. Take a look at the tweets that came out of Kaitlyn’s blunder.

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