Rick Leach was a contestant on the Michelle Young’s season of “The Bachelorette.” While his one-on-one date with Young were well-liked by fans, he ended up facing elimination relatively early on in the show.

Leach has formerly admitted on the “Click Bait With Bachelor Nation” podcast that he was careful about scoring a one-on-one date with Young early on. He said that he wanted to make a deep impression, and without it, he would’ve went home.

Young had a great time with Leach, as many fans noted. However, some of the other contestants ended up having a better time with her and made a deeper impression. As a result, Leach faced elimination from the show relatively early on in the series.

“Men Tell All,” featured all the exes of Michelle Young coming together and retrospectively looking at the experience in the show. Leach revealed that he still retains feelings for Young, even though the two only knew each other for a couple of months.


I mean, there’s moments I had shared with Michelle that made me feel like I had found my person. I mean, that one-on-one date, I don’t really know if I’ll ever top that, you know? Just dancing with her, in that moment, I can’t replicate that, and the feelings I felt. She’s amazing. It’s something I dreamt about. I want to find a partner in life, that I can conquer the world with. That I can start a family with. And I felt like I was really close.

While Leach’s feelings come as a shock to many, fans on Reddit don’t seem to think so. A fan said that it was rather extra of Leach to go on and say that, while another fan claimed that he ended up coming off insincere. Leach might be genuine with his expression, but nobody seems to think so.

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