The official music video of “Venom” was released in October 2018. The video serves as an ideal example of Eminem’s evergreen fame. Since its release, the viewer count of the video is constantly expanding.

Venom hit its first 200 million milestone after almost three months of its release. In June 2020, after two years of its upload, Venom hit the 400 million views milestone on YouTube. The next year in July 2021, it achieved the 500 million views mark.

Since then Venom kept on spreading owing to its name. In less than five months after the 500 million mark, Venom hit another hundred million. Currently Venom has surpassed over 600 million views on the online streaming platform.

TikTok trends have played a major role in pushing the track’s popularity up. If somebody from TikTok stumbled upon Marshall’s music, they came to YouTube and streamed it, so it’s a win-win.


“Venom” is now Eminem’s 12th video to earn 600 million views on YouTube. It joins the elite ranks of “Love The Way You Lie”, “Not Afraid”, “Rap God”, “Without Me”, “When I’m Gone”, “The Monster” amongst others. The Eminem fandom must be next looking for another one billion milestone.

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