Mark Meadows, former chief of staff in the Donald Trump administration, recently wrote a book about his experience during the chaotic presidency. According to Meadows in “The Chief’s Chief,” Trump wanted to send a message to the Black Lives Matter protesters who had peacefully gathered near the White House. Trump ordered Meadows to “bust some heads and make some arrests.”

Meadows wrote that Trump wanted Lafayette Square to be cleared of protestors. He gave an order, and the order was at fist ignored. Meadows described a lack of communication, par for the course inside the Trump administration.

“Upstairs in the Residence, President Trump was growing anxious. He had given an order for the park to be cleared, and it was not being followed. The various law enforcement agencies that were supposed to be under the command of [then-Attorney General] Bill Barr were clearly not communicating with one another, and it did not seem that a single arrest had yet been made.”

Rolling Stone reported on the Tuesday publication of the new book. They noted that Meadows wrote that Trump’s concern reached a boiling point when protestors began to tear down a statue of President Andrew Jackson. He was asked if his henchmen had the authority to use force. Trump emphatically said that they did.


“Not only do you have the authority. I want you to go out there and bust some heads and make some arrests. We need to restore order.”

Mark Meadows book was released today. Trump, as expected, has reacted mostly negatively to it. Meadows also announced today that he will not cooperate with the congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.

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