Enes Kanter Freedom continues his call out spree on social media. Lately, he he has been showing his distaste for the Chinese Communist Party.

Kanter faced political persecution before as a result of speaking out against Erdogan in his native Turkey. He was confined in the United States as a consequence. Since then, Kanter decided to shift his focus to China.

Presently he is going after people who seemingly support the regime. As already in the news, Kanter has been targeting LeBron James specifically. Kanter is now eyeing his focus to Jeremy Lin.

California-born Lin is of Chinese descent. He has never shown support towards the Chinese Communist Party. Kanter however felt like it was a wise thing to go after someone from the Asian race.


On Sunday, he directed some harsh statements towards the former NBA player:

“Shame on you @JLin7. Haven’t you had enough of that Dirty Chinese Communist Party money feeding you to stay silent? How disgusting of you to turn your back against your country & your people. Stand with Taiwan! Stop bowing to money & the Dictatorship. Morals over Money brother.”

Kanter’s racist slurs were not entertained at all. Lin never supported the regime and it was quite despicable to go after him just because of his origins. Lin played in the CBA, but that doesn’t explain why he would support his country’s government. Kanter however, doesn’t care about his own image as long as his tweets are fetching him enough engagement and clout.

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H/T to HotNewHipHop.

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