Iman Shumpert may have focused more on mirror balls than basketball lately. The NBA champ says he’s NOT done hooping. TMZ caught up with the 31 year old star who won the 30th season of “Dancing With the Stars” this week.

He was asked if he was going to take his talents back to the basketball court after he displayed all his moves on the dancefloor. Shumpert said, “Tryna see what we can get done”. He said he still loves Basketball and actually never stopped playing.

He said that the league called him a ‘former’, ‘ex’ but in reality the league just didn’t pay him this year. Previously he was a member of the Brooklyn Nets. Shumpert hasn’t played a game since Feb. 23, 2021.

But, he insists he’s still an NBA player saying, “it’s not an ‘ex’ thing. Me and the league didn’t break up!”. The guards have been in the league since 2011. They also won the NBA title in 2016 with the great LeBron James and the Cavs, making more than $48 million in his career.

Now that “DWTS” is over, we will soon be able to see Shumpert in the jersey again. Fans would enjoy seeing him back in the court after a long absence. The last time he played he scored 2 points in 6 minutes during the game.

Don’t get surprised if you see Shumpert back the court playing his best game as he usually does. Meanwhile checkout Shumpert showing off his dancing skills at “DWTS” this year.

Anirban Biswas

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