The last Aftermath, hosted by Devyn Simone, did an episode “S*** They Should Have Shown” to commemorate the final episodes of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies“. During the first half hour of the clip the cast members talked about their favorite memories of this season.

In a conversation with Josh Martinez, Devin Walker remembered about this instance which didn’t make it to the screens. He shared Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Emy Alupei had a fight. Josh looked completely surprised and said “How did I forget about that?”.

Josh said he couldn’t believe the fight didn’t make it to the show. Devin reacted to that by saying,” I’m not sure what caused it but I believe it was Emy’s attachment to CT Tramburello] and Big T, I think maybe because of “Double Agents” she had been in that position last season, and for whatever reason it was erupted in a remix of “Alien” with only insults.”

Devin Quoted a line he remembered from Big T’s version, “I’m an alien, I follow CT around all day and suck his d***,I was like “woah what’s going on here?.” Josh said it was the most bizarre argument he’s ever had to witness.

Emy and CT had a similar storyline to Big T and CT on “Double Agents” as CT took both under his wing and worked with them over the season. CT and Big T were partners and they had partnership that reached the hearts of many viewers. However things got a little downhill, when CT abandoned Big T for another competitor. Although it seemed to have worked out between the two by the end of the season.

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