People can replicate his fighting style, his animalistic approach in and out of the ring, and even his style, but there will never really be another Mike Tyson. Everything about him is different and always has been.

The boxing world has seen many come under the spotlight and then eventually fade away. Mike even 16 years after his retirement from professional boxing, fans still love and look up to Mike Tyson. Even at 55, Tyson still trains and hits the pads as if he is next in line to fight for Oleksandr Usyk’s heavyweight throne.

Considering that ‘Iron’ Mike’s recent training clips show his trainer quite literally praying for his wellbeing during pad-work sessions, one can only imagine what his training partners must have felt when he was in his actual prime.

In an earlier interview, Jim Norton once asked Mike Tyson if he ever had sparring partners who did not come back after one session. :Oh, many times! When I was a young kid in Catskill, New York, you know, these professional fighters would come up there, you know they got their car and a nice suit.” said Mike.

Tyson then described how he handled and punished those sparring partners who snuck out of training. “And, Cus was like, ‘Wow, another one of them left again’, and me and my friend, Tom Perry would run up in their room go in their room, going through their bag, steal a shoe and grab all the stuff,” Mike Tyson added.

Seeing how he was like in his prime, you can really pin point how great he was at his trade. The amount of dedication and hard work that went in to make himself such a superstar was indeed remarkable. The way he treated his sparring partners just shows how strict he was when it came to boxing.

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