“Teen Mon 2” star Kaylin Lowry revealed her “Baby Mamas No Drama” co-star Vee Rivera would not be on the December 14, 2021. She said it is due to a ‘family emergency.’

Although Lowry didn’t go into detail about what transpired, Rivera took to her Instagram stories. She revealed she had been “MIA” from social media because her husband’s grandmother died.

Rivera said Lowry was considerate about the situation. “As far as the podcast, I will be on this week but Kail was like, you know, ‘Don’t worry about it, like, I’ll handle next week’s episode ’cause we usually podcast on Fridays and that’s the funeral,” Rivera noted.

She ended her post with a message of gratitude, telling followers: “I’m just very grateful for family and friends who’s there right now during this time for us and who’s [sic] reached out. Just, love you guys. Just don’t take life for granted. You know, That’s all I can really say.” Rivera wasn’t sure how active she would be on social media in the coming week.

“I just wanted to let you know ’cause people are like, ‘Where are you?’ I’m usually really active on social media but I’m just gonna be stepping off a little bit,” she said. “I’m gonna do some shopping and try and get my mind off of stuff and put my tree up today, try and bring some joy.” Rivera concluded.

Death of a loved one always brings a substantial amount of grief and her family is no exception to this. Her taking a break due to reasons mentioned above were justified enough in this situation. She can come back as usual after everything regarding this issue has settled.

Anirban Biswas

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