The fallout from the Oxford High School shooting was at the forefront of the Detroit Lions’ collective minds Sunday. It made for an emotional moment after their big win.

The Lions won their first game of the season on Sunday in a thriller of a match against the Minnesota Vikings. Prior to this, their record was 0-10-1, meaning they hadn’t won a single game all season.

Turns out, their victory meant more than just what appeared on paper and the team’s quarterback, Jared Goff made that clear in the post-game interview. They made sure to point out that the game was dedicated to those affected by the deadly tragedy which claimed 4 lives.

Goff got pretty emotional talking about what happened this week, saying sometimes certain moments are bigger than just sports. The Lions coach, Dan Campbell, echoed that with his own remarks bestowing the game ball to the township of Oxford, and reading off the names of the deceased, among others.

Authorities allege the shooter was 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley. They suspect brought a gun from home, one which was purchased by his parents. Speaking of them, they too have been arrested and charged in connection to the deaths.

This just shows us how a certain event can inflict a human’s emotion and push them to do something. The whole of Lion’s team was feeling that spirit, uplifted through the tragedy, is definitely a show of a strong mentality.

Anirban Biswas

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