Antonio Brown is straight up not having a good time, though things have been like this for him for many NFL seasons. The player’s future at Tampa Bay Buccaneers was determined by his caliber as a player initially, though now it rests on the validity of his vaccine card.

The League players are allowed to play without getting vaccinated. However, they are required the proof for the same. Some players have used second-hand methods to deal with this, such as Mike Edwards. Brown had provided a fake vaccine card as well, though his former chef exposed him on this.

Brown is subject to an investigation from the NFL currently, and he’s missed three games simply because he presented a fake card. He later revealed that even though he is vaccinated, he will take his time to heal from his ankle injury.

Bruce Arians, who’s the Buccaneers’ head coach, might be implying that Brown and Edwards might be in heavy waters on this one. Ian Rapoport reported that Brown is currently refusing to talk about the status of the two instead of addressing their suspension.


Obviously we have two guys suspended. The league did their due diligence and we move on. I will not address those guys for the next three weeks. They’ll just be working out and we’ll address their future at that time. Other than that, there’s really nothing to say.

Brown is often known to be a possible liability to teams as he is known for some rather questionable antics off the games. His removal from the Bucks might happen, and it wouldn’t be the least surprising.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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