Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 has come to a close with “The End”, a finale Season 8 event that rocked the island to its core. The Cube Queen’s overwhelming forces dominated the players -all hope was lost. Thankfully, the island was seemingly saved by members of The Seven and The Foundation, who was revealed to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Cube Queen, seen floating above a pyramid like structure, sent up a beam of light that tore a hole in the sky. Things weren’t going well. From here, our focus shifted underground as a cut scene depicts Dr. Slone entering a secret IO base.

Jones was captured and was about to be abused by the powers of the queen. Before Slone could finish though, Jones is saved by The Foundation, who removes his helmet revealing himself to be The Rock.

All of the action led people to a very astounding conclusion that rendered people speechless. Clearly nobody could’ve made out in any way that Dwayne Johnson would be behind the mask of ‘The Foundation’


The Cube Queen was finally defeated at the end after many attempts. That said, they’ll have plenty to talk about. Not only was “The End” an entertaining ride, we got to learn more about the mysterious group called The Seven. But above all we got to see The Rock in the game.

The revelation of The Rock would ponder to many fans within the likes of wrestling, movie etc. Epic Games made a pretty well decision trying to include him in the process. This would amass great viewership among other things not to mention help in expanding his fanbase beyond his already huge one.

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