Master P claims that he has cut ties with his estranged wife over a decade ago. He believes that he is ready to start a new chapter in his life. To facilitate his new life, he requested the judge to declare him single.

TMZ got their hands on new legal documents reveals Master P saying that there is no reason whatsoever for him and his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, to still remain married. Sounds fair and sane enough. So he is pleading the court to update his single status the soonest.

Master P and his wife got separated back in 2010 and it has been over a decade now. He highlights the fact that Sonya filed for divorce way back in 2013 after their separation. He further explained that they settled all their issues in 2016.

They have already reached an agreement in person but the paperwork never made its way to the court which led to the current issue. In order to move things along legally,


P has now filed legal docs requesting a bifurcation of his divorce. Both parties are getting single status now, and they will be handling the rest of the divorce issues later.

It seems Master P has had enough with the dangling divorce for the last decade. He wants to move towards wrapping it all up once and for all. Better late than ever, right?

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