Travis Barker has gotten dozens of tattoos in his 46 years of life. It is now covering almost every part of his body. The drummer has portraits of family members, quotes and even fiancée Kourtney Kardashian‘s lips painted on his skin.

And though the tattoos may seem trivial to the average onlooker, he wrote in his 2015 memoir Can I Say, “They’re all memories… They’re all experiences I went through.”

Even so, one person recently wrote in a since-deleted comment on his Instagram, “The tattoos really look ridiculous, Travis. When you get older, you are going to regret it.”

The criticism rolled off Travis’ back, with the Blink-182 rocker clapping back,


“When I’m older I’m probably gonna hang out with other badass tattooed dudes and generally look awesome. What are you gonna do when you just look like every other old person?”

TikTok star Dustin Tyler added, “Every tattoo is a time stamp, love it,” to which Travis replied with an infinity emoji. In a 2016 interview with GQ Travis shared that he started getting tattoos when he’s 15 and he has since covered almost “70 percent of my body” in various pieces, though some were “lost” when he was in a plane accident.

Five years have passed since his interview with GQ and the star has added more tattoos, including some that will remind him of his new love. Kourtney even drew one, writing “I love you” on his skin. If a tattoo has emotional significance or not to the person, they have the absolute right to not answer to someone’s critique on it. People need to grow up and be acceptable at a larger scale.

Anirban Biswas

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