As Drake switches up his haircut and has YK Osiris belting out songs to settle debts, he also has been dealing with a strange legal case. One would think that if someone is caught trespassing on your property, you would be able to take them to court, but a woman named Mesha Collins is suing the rapper, instead.

Radar Online reports that they have obtained documents showing that Collins has sued the superstar for $4 billion, alleging that he used both her name and likeness via his music, social media, and product endorsements. She also accuses him of doxing her address.

Back in June, Police “found Mesha had drank some of Drake’s refreshments and locked herself in a room.” Drake was said to have not pressed charges because he felt as if she had “personal issues,” but then, she sued him for billions.

The rapper’s legal team wanted the entire lawsuit dismissed, reportedly stating that it was “frivolous” while saying Collins’s accusations were merely “delusional figments of her imagination.”

Drake’s lawyer filed new documents sitting that they believe Collins has erected a fictitious lawsuit in order to meet the rapper. She doesn’t seem to have an attorney representing her so when Drake’s lawyer called her, she was surprised. She ended the call by abruptly hanging up after asking counsel for Graham not to contact her again.

It is confirmed that attempts to meet and confer are futile. They are asking the court to toss the lawsuit altogether. The Court should look into the matter even more precisely to find out whether the woman involved is mentally alright or not to proceed with the case.

Anirban Biswas

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