Trae Young is one of the last people you’d image to hold any place on power in New York City. The player’s performances last season still carry an impact over fans’ hearts, as he lead his team through the thick and thin. For a team that has had prior problems in following through, Young’s performance was outstanding for them.

Young’s efforts were relatively perceived in negative light by the New York Knicks fans. As his team took on the New York Knicks, fans started resenting him and even said that he is never welcome in the NYC anymore.

The fans were clearly not hard-bent on the comments against the Atlanta Hawks player. However, Young is still hated by the Knicks fans over his breathtaking attempts against the NBA team.

The Mayoral race in New York City was on full throttle. Despite the hatred the Knicks fans carried against the basketball player, Young received many write-in votes from fans.


The player took to Twitter to show his appreciation for the honor. Noting that he’s never received any votes for any Mayoral race, he thanked his fans. (Valium) It only goes the show that he still has some love in the city, despite many considering the Knicks’ nemesis.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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