Kenny G doesn’t seem to be breaking a sweat about the heavy criticisms he’s receiving lately. In a new documentary, criticisms about his music career stormed in his way.

Despite harsh criticisms, Kenny remains undaunted. His jazz soul is not even the slightest discouraged by all the disapprovals. He is confident that some real jazz legends are in his corner and those who understand true jazz, they would know.

On Wednesday TMZ Live, the famous saxophonist was asked about his reaction to the new HBO documentary. His new doc, “Listening To Kenny G” is not flattering throughout. The first part, especially, is considerably harsh.

Kenny’s director actually warned him about the first 12 minutes because they were anything but kind. Kenny went ahead to roll with the punches because he’s been hearing the same critiques for years. He is used to the typical “you’re not a great saxophonist” remarks.


Kenny G prefers to remain numb to the background noise and focus on his passion. His immense love for his work made him the strong person he is today. Kenny is comforted by the fact folks like Miles Davis enjoy his art, and those opinions definitely outweigh anything coming out of a mere critics’ mouth.

Kenny also recalls the time when he famously helped Kanye West with a surprise Valentine’s Day gift for Kim Kardashian. He performed wonderfully in that surprise act. Kenny is definitely a good sport and there’s a lot we can learn from him.

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Gunjan Nath

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