R&B singer Ari Lennox was arrested at the Schiphol Airport, situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lennox was continuously updating all of her Twitter followers and fans about the circumstances of her arrest.

Lennox said that she was detained by the Dutch military police because she was “reacting to a woman racially profiling” her. However, her tweets stopped after a certain point, most likely her phone being taken away from her.

Robert van Kapel, a spokesperson for the Dutch police, issued the statement following her detainment. He described the behavior of the singer as inappropriate, and accused her of being drunk on the flight. He stated that the main reason for her detainment was aggressive behavior towards an airline official.

Our unit found a woman full of emotions, that wouldn’t calm down. That’s why she had to be taken into custody. Dutch military police, who are responsible for security at Schiphol Airport, held Ari Lennox because of her aggressive behavior towards an airline official, and for being drunk in public. She threatened staff of an airline and security at the airport, and because of those threats, she is now interrogated.


The artist relieved her fans by shooting out a tweet and reassuring her fans. Her manager had previously released a statement saying that she will be returning home soon. (https://theshabazzcenter.org/) However, the circumstances of her detainment still remain unclear.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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