Baltimore rapper YGG Tay is facing a long prison sentence on the basis of drug trafficking and gun charges. The rapper is now looking to 15 years in prison, which is a mandatory federal prison term. The 27-year old rapper received the sentence on November 30.

The prosecutors in the rapper’s case state that he had a history of being highly cautious and secretive with his activities. However, the rapper was caught off guard when authorities searched his premises with a search warrant and found a glock & an extended magazine.

The rapper has been under investigation for many years, but have never once admitted guilt. The defense attorney Natalie Finegar also backed the rapper in claiming innocence by saying:

There has been a lot of rumor and innuendo raised by the government. The evidence only covered a very narrow role of a relatively small operation in Baltimore City.


The prosecutors argued, however, that despite being involved in a shooting, the rapper did not back off from the drug trade. They cite the 3.2 grams of mixed heroin and fentanyl & 8 grams of fentanyl found from his vehicle as evidence.

Unfortunately, even after being the victim of a shooting, he took no pause in furthering the drug trade in and around Baltimore.

After the sentencing, attorney John Cox said that the evidence does not mark him as a distributor of drugs. The attorneys added that the rapper has been plagued with substance abuse issues, citing various text messages from the rapper to others while seeking Percocet. The rapper took to Instagram and implied that he will appeal his sentence.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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