Serena Williams took a friendly dig at her fellow American Olympian Kevin Durant. While Kevin Durant might be unstoppable on the court, he can not stop the internet from noticing the lack of moisturized legs.

For those who do not know, Kevin Durant recently went viral after photos surfaced from Slam showing off his kicks. The focus quickly went away from the shoes and shifted to his “ashy legs”.

Since then, Durant clapped back at people clowning him. Williams took to TikTok on November 28 and posted a video spraying her legs while saying, “I’m doing everything to not be out there like my boy KD.” She captioned it, “the internet got me shook” and posted it on her stories.

Williams joined in late, along with multiple sports celebrities to troll the NBA star. It all started with Isaiah Thomas pointing it out. Thomas said he could not believe that Kevin Durant could be this “ashy”.


Nevertheless, Kevin Durant was visibly done with the internet. KD tweeted “I’m bouta pull my “y’all broke card in a second. F**k y’all”. Guess he can’t have the same come back to Serena’s diss.

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