Offset was in quite the giving mood recently. The artist responsible for many musical offerings including “Quarter Milli” and others dating back to 2014 was certainly in the mood to give back.

Sienna Diaz was shopping with her family at a local target store. They had apparently gone shopping to uplift her mother, as their day had been quite a terrible one.

Apparently a random woman heard the family talking about their awful day and she started suggesting some pretty expensive make-up products. That same woman accompanied them to the checkout and when the astonishing price was revealed, she paid for it in-full, stating that the gift was from Offset. Sienna Diaz went into what occurred and just how grateful she was on Instagram – she and Offset having a great back-and-forth.

“Thank you so much @offsetyrn for taking care of the items we picked out yesterday from Target. We are beyond grateful! My mom was having a horrible morning. So my family and I decided to take her shopping to clear her mind. Our first stop was Target! That’s her fav store and she picked out some gifts for my lil cousins and a Christmas centerpiece for our dining room table.


Since my mom didn’t get much rest the night before, last minute she asked me to get her a concealer to cover the bags under her eyes. She didn’t know if I got her the right color, so as we were checking out I was literally applying the concealer under her eyes (it was the right shade). While we were bagging everything up a women stood next to our the check out station and at first (to us) seemed to be waiting for someone.

She overheard our conversation about the concealer and started recommending us other brands makeup that she heard were good. Everything seemed to be pretty normal until the cashier told us how much our items were. That’s when the women beside us quickly handed over the cashier $200. My mom and I were like huhh lol … we were so confused and then she said “ this is from Offset…” and thats when my mom just started to tear up.”

Offset has been on the scene since he was 11 years old. He actually appeared as a back-up dancer in a Whitney Houston video (“Whatchulookinat”) back in 2002. He has since had an impressive string of releases dating back to 2014’s The Independent Game album. He was featured on the song entitled “Cash Talk” from that Figg Panamera offering and included Young Thug.

Domenic Marinelli

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