Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were responsible for amazing comedies like Anchorman and Step Brothers. The team is no longer making magic and McKay has himself to blame for their falling out.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Adam McKay opened up about his split with Will Ferrell. The pair famously split up as work partners in 2019, with the production house folding and each moving on to other works. McKay now offered more reason as to why the two split and gave an update on their relationship.

According to McKay the breaking point came when he decided to recast the role of the Los Angeles Laker’s former team owner Jerry Buss for an upcoming HBO series. The role was passed to John C. Reilly, something he did without telling his longtime friend first. Ferrell then “took it as a way deeper hurt than I ever imagined and I tried to reach out to him, and I reminded him of some slights that were thrown my way that were never apologized for,” McKay said.

McKay claimed that he hasn’t spoken with Ferrell since the phone call when they decided to go separate ways. He also said that he emailed Ferrell several times but he never replied. McKay continued, revealing that he thought they’d “let all this blow over. Six months to a year, we’ll sit down, we’ll laugh about it and go, ‘It’s all business junk, who gives a sh*t?”


Ferrell currently stars in The Shrink Next Door series alongside Paul Rudd and McKay directed the upcoming “Don’t Look Up.” You can watch a funny interview of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell below.

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