The former Mia Mundo star, Gretchen Rosie joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” during its fourth season. In a recent interview, she said that she had some issues with Braunwyn Windham-Burke, who also starred in the show for two seasons.

Gretchen appeared on the “Behind The Velvet” podcast hosted by David Yonef where she claimed that Windham-Burke lied about how they met. She asserted that Windham-Burke wanted to meet her before filming “RHOC” season 14. “She reached out to a mutual friend and asked him to reach out to me and have us meet so I could give her advice about the show,” said the mother of one.

The television personality went on to say that Emily Simpson informed her that Windham-Burke claims she reached out to her. “I was like,’ That is such a lie!!!’. Gretchen then forwarded the message to Emily who later showed it on TV and busted Braunwyn for lying.

Rossi went on to say that she is frustrated by Braunwyn as “she seems so great and cool and then she just started lying.” She also referenced that the 44 year old was not invited to “RHOC” season 16. “Once someone starts lying about you it makes the person questionable and it make you feel like the person is a little shady,” said Rossi.


Meanwhile, Windham-Burke suggested that she was hopeful that she would be returning to the show for its sixteenth season in an interview with US Weekly. As fans are aware, the former Bravo star has struggled with substance abuse issues and decided to work on her sobriety in season 15.

On September 20, Windham-Burke took to Instagram to celebrate her 600 days of sobriety. Quite a few fans flocked to the comment section to congratulate her. Check out the mentioned post below.

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