Update: Rodgers has decided to forego his toe surgery.

Original: Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers will now have to decide whether to have surgery on his broken toe. After the packers made it to their bye with a win over Rams he told his toe “felt good most of the game,” but that he will undergo more testing in the morning.

Rodger’s digit first became an issue when he was listed with a toe injury following his returns for the Covid-19 list. This injury limited him to practice before Packer’s Week 11 loss to Minnesota Vikings. At his Wednesday news conference Rodger propped up his foot to put the toe in question on display.

Last week he needed another pain-killing injection at halftime after someone stomped on his foot during the game. He didn’t need any more shots this week. The goal of his surgical procedure will be to allow him to play in week 14 when the Packers host the Bears on Sunday Night Football.


Rodger said he injured his toe while working out. “I mentioned yesterday that it’s worse than a turf toe and it must be a bone issue,” mentioned Rodger. He added that he hasn’t heard of COVID toe before and he has no lesions on his feet. The packers are set to play at Baltimore before hosting the Browns on Christmas Day.

Watch is video of Aaron Rodgers talking about his fractured toe .

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