It’s always fun to catch the occasional popcorn headlines about an artist making a mistake on stage or being caught lip-syncing, But it’s strange to be in those shoes, Thousands of people with your eyes on you and performing at such a level, is still an even for anyone. If anything this Karol G story is about both an accident and one of her showing insane spirit.

Karol G was performing in Miami on Friday to an absolutely huge audience in the FTX Arena, when in the middle of the performance she stumbled slightly on the stairs set up on the stage.

Although it wasn’t a substantial height, it was something that might definitely make someone get seriously injured. it does in fact look like it must have been painful as she was on all fours for a bit not trying to move.

A backup dancer came forth to help her up. They weren’t sure if she would be okay, but Karol unexpectedly bounced back up like it was absolutely nothing.


Although its not clear if her set had already finished, as she later told local news that she broke a few nails and her knee was busted. We wish you well Karol, get well soon.

What’s your take on the story sound off in the comments.

Frederick Hatch

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