Fetty Wap was arrested on a drug trafficking charges and big ones at that. He was arrested on October 28th at CitiField in New York City. He was later released from custody on $500,000 bond.

The rapper cut an interview with Fat Joe talks about “falling back” from music because of depression and other factors. The CEO of his label RGF Productions has now called him out on that statement.

He accused him of lying about paying for his bail, as well as describing himself as a “street dude.” Nitt Da Gritt, the CEO of RGF Productions, dissed the rapper on social media. It was rather surprising for the fans as it was perceived that their relationship was fine.

Sharing a memory from 2016 on Facebook about “staying down” and “staying quiet,” Nitt Da Gritt said, “I’m not ever stayin down or stayin quiet again… #ThisMyShit #JerseyBoyWithStripes ….. I don’t even look at them n***as as opps lol .. just old miserable and goofy… Lying bout paying my bail who does that? … n***a you picked a side stay on it … you ain’t welcomed over here no more … that’s word to my daughter.”


He even said that “Hey ‘Mr.Delusional’ @fettywap1738 I Never said I paid for your lawyer but I did send one up there just in case you needed one but you had it covered! And if I’m miserable your ‘DELUSIONAL’ bc you not a street n***a, trap n***a, hustler or none of the above and your definitely not from 12th Ave you wasn’t even a little sprinkle of that #fettycap #173fake.”

Fetty Wap didn’t address his comments directly. He shared a new picture on Instagram with the caption stating that he is not going to fix something which was meant to be broken, he is going to stay focused without any distractions.

Shivangini Rawat

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