Fetty Wap has spoken to Fat Joe about what caused his disappearance from the rap game after seemingly dominating with hits like “Trap Queen” and “679.” During an IG Live chat with Fat Joe, the rapper opened up about why it felt like he disappeared after his meteoric rise in 2015.  

The New Jersey native, who is still signed to RGF Records, where he began his career, and 300 Entertainment, said issues over finances led to a depression causing him to fall back eventually.  

According to Fetty Wap, he couldn’t sustain the momentum he built after his initial string of hits due to mismanagement. Fetty Wap revealed the financial burden became too much for him at one point: 

“I felt like I had to do everything myself. I put up all the bread for the tours, I paid for the tour buses; everything came out of my expenses. It was like I got to pay y’all but I’m paying for everything else. I kind of got depressed in a sense.”

Fetty isn’t one to let people mess with his money and he made that clear. “You know where we come from, I ain’t gone’ let nobody play with my papers,” he said. “I don’t wanna’ look rich and be broke.” Fetty said the people around him weren’t experienced and growing tension between himself and the label(s) added to the stagnation.

The controversial rapper is also in a world of legal trouble. Feds seized a ton of drugs on him and he is being accused of acting as a kilogram-level dealer. He is now out of prison and awaiting that legal nightmare to run its course.


Anirban Biswas

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