On Wednesday, the Florida Judge refused to increase the bond for Zac Stacy. His ex-girlfriend Kristin, pleaded that she was “afraid to go home” after he beat her earlier this month. Stacy’s ex-girlfriend tried to convince a judge to increase his bond or place him on home confinement. Stacy is now free on bond and his ex girlfriend, who he was captured abusing on camera, is very worried.

Kristin Evans told Judge Mark S. Blechman, “I was punched, slapped, literally picked up and thrown into my TV and then he picked me up and slammed me into my son’s bouncy seat by my throat. This is not the first time he has been violent with me. I am afraid for my safety and for my children’s safety.”

A joint motion was filed by the Office of the State Attorney and Evans on November 19. Monivette Cordeiro of the Orlando Sentinel, Judge Mark Blechman decided not to increase Stacy’s bail. However, he is prohibited from entering Florida, except attending court hearings. Stacy remains free on $10,150 bail.

Evans said that she is really afraid for her life. Kristin Evans told Blechman she was terrified after the 30-year-old ex-NFL player was set free on bond following his arrest on Nov. 18. Stacy’s defense attorney, Thomas Luka, told the newspaper that he will live in Alabama with his mother for a month before he checks into a mental health facility in Colorado for 30 days. Stacy is accused of beating Evans in front of their 5-month-old son on Nov. 13 after he came to her home to visit the baby.


Video footage of the assault appears to show Stacy hitting her in the head and throwing her around a room into a television and baby equipment. “While she was still on the floor pleading for him to stop, he picked her up and body-slammed her onto a baby walker, causing the object to break,” an arrest record previously reviewed by The Post states. Evans had stated in a restraining order that Stacy has abused her since she was pregnant with their child.

Stacy violently and brutally attacked Evans. The incident was captured on video. He faces multiple felony charges. Her lawyer, Thomas Feiter, asked the judge to revisit Stacy’s bond conditions because of the abuse, according to the Sentinel. Feiter said that Stacy is a very dangerous and violent man.

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