British MP Nick Fletcher apparently believes that women getting the role of a hero makes young men susceptible to walking on the wrong track. The conservative British MP makes the correlation that with women playing the heroes, young men do not get many role models.

Fletcher addressed the British parliament, and called attention to the demand of a “very tiny minority” wanting to replace a male hero with a female one. The British MP cited the discussion around fans wanting a female James Bond to back his point.

Everywhere, not at least within the cultural sphere, there seems to be a call from a tiny and very vocal minority that every male character, or good role model, must have a female replacement. One only needs to look at the discussion surrounding the next James Bond.

He added that it’s not limited to James Bond. He added the examples of Doctor WhoGhostbusters, Luke Skywalker & The Equalizer as heroes who have been replaced with women.

And it’s not just James Bond. In recent years, we have seen Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker, The Equalizer all replaced by women. And men are left with the Krays and Tommy Shelby. Is there any wonder why we are seeing so many young men committing crime?

Fletcher cited Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders to be a negative role model for young men. His theory received a lot of criticism on social media. MP Ruth Cadbury responded to Fletcher’s comments by tweeting:

After a decade in power it’s clear that this Government have ran out of ideas to tackle crime if they’re looking to blame Doctor Who.

Many Twitter users criticized Fletcher’s views on social media. One Twitter user with the name of Parody Boris Johnson said “An audacious bid by Nick Fletcher to prove he is stupid enough to deserve a place in my Cabinet.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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