Tyga handed himself over to the Los Angeles police Tuesday, October 12th. After his ex-girlfriend, Camaryn Swanson accused him of hitting her. On her Instagram Stories, Swanson shared photos and videos in which she has a large bruise near her eye.

She also showed a cuff of her sweatshirt, which appeared to have a bloodstain on it. Swanson wrote, “I’ve been emotionally, mentally, and physically abused and I’m not hiding it anymore.” And, “I’m so embarrassed and ashamed it had to get to this but I have to stand up for myself.”

Tyga received a good news in his domestic violence case, he’ll not be facing felony charges. Law enforcement sources informed TMZ that the police passed the rapper’s DV case to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The L.A court will decide if they want to file charges against Tyga or not.

According to LA County District Attorney’s Office, the case is now being handed over to a law firm in Los Angeles City. They decided that he will not be prosecuted for a felony because only the DA office can charge people for a felony.

Camaryn filed a police report claiming that Tyga beat her alleged injuries. Tyga’s camp claims her allegations are “false and will be refuted.” Camaryn’s injuries and the evidence did not lead to a felony charge and that is why it was kicked out to the city attorney.

The exes reportedly started dating early this year and became official couples on Instagram in March. It’s unclear when they broke up, but we’re told it happened before the alleged incident. Tyga isn’t quite off the hook just yet, he could still be beaten with a felony by the city attorney but he doesn’t have to worry about a felony anymore.

Shivangini Rawat

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