Summer Walker has been cozying up in her relationship with LVRD Pharaoh. The couple very recently announced their relationship, and Walker has already taken a brave step forward. The singer-songwriter got a tattoo of her boyfriend’s real name, Larry, on her face.

The singer took to Instagram in order to show off her fans the face tats she got in honor of her boyfriend. LVRD Pharaoh got a face tat of Summer’s name on her face. The couple showed off their matching tattoos in a series of photos with a lot of PDA.

Walker and Pharaoh both have each other’s names permanently written beside their eyes. It’s a huge testament to their commitment towards each other. However, fans of Summer Walker do not think that she’s made this decision with a sound mind.

The artist’s fans took to expressing their thoughts on her new decision. While one fan expressed that she’s not making the right decisions, another expressed that she has not learned her lesson. Another fan even declared that “You haven’t even healed from the last relationship.”

Summer shares her daughter with London on da Track, who she broke up with in the summer. While he was the very inspiration behind Summer’s latest record, Still Not Over It, fans suspect that Walker’s tattoo is a cope in the wrong direction. She even feuded with London back in August, just a month after she announced her relationship with Pharaoh.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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