Lois Rinna and Lisa Rinna were very close. Lois had always been there for her family through thick and thin. She was also a fan favorite. Now, fans think that Lisa is trying to capitalize on the love they have for her mother.

RHOBH fans love Lois Rinna. The jovial lady made several unforgettable appearances on the show. In Lisa Rinna and family’s social media Lois was always be seen dancing and having fun.

This sad news of her passing upset “Housewives” fans all over the globe. Amelia, Lisa and everyone else in the family were very saddened by the matriarch’s death. Lisa‘s Make- up company has a strange way to mourn though.

The official Rinna Beauty Instagram account announced the “I Love Lois” lipstick special on November 20, 2021. “Free I Love Lois Lipstick? Yea, we said it. This weekend only, get a free I Love Lois Icon Collection Lipstick with every order,” the Instagram post read. It was met with backlash, yet the promotion hasn’t stopped.

“Incredibly bad taste to be profiteering off your mothers passing. You should be ashamed,”
“This is just gross! Really trying to make $$ off your sweet mom,”
“This is disgusting! Why would you want to make money off of your precious dead mother?? Don’t you have enough?? Unbelievably disrespectful and repulsive,”

Fans slammed Lisa Rinna for using her mom’s death as a way to sell makeup. The latest promotion post says, “Last chance to get a free I Love Lois Lipstick with every order! Offer ends tonight at 11:59pm PST so don’t miss out! #RinnaBeauty“.

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