Rap mogul Dr. Dre has been recently forced to reveal his finances in court as a part of his ongoing divorce proceedings with ex-wife Nicole Young, who is claiming she deserves half of his $1 billion estate.

Young’s reasoning is that she is entitled to half of what Dr. Dre owns because he tore up their prenuptial agreement years ago. Dre has been denying her claims, and as a result has had to reveal his finances.

Dre’s financial records reveal that he earns an impressive $228K a month on average, of which he makes around $84k in dividends/interest and another $120k from “other” sources.

Dr. Dre also reported that over the last year, he sold off a percentage of his Apple shares, amounting to a total of $73,725,773, of which he has $182,744,809 in cash and checking/savings accounts, $6,262,311 in stocks/bonds, and another $269 million in other real and personal property.


While $228K a month might not sound like much for a billionaire, it’s definitely clear that Dre has no shortage of pies that he’s got his fingers in.

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Abhishek Kar

Abhishek Kar is a freelance writer and a full-time pop culture enthusiast from India. In his spare time, he likes to paint.

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