Adam Driver and Lady Gaga have starred side by side in Scott Ridley’s drama House of Gucci.’ The film is centered around the Gucci family, and Patrizia Reggiani’s plotting to kill her husband after he felt his office in 1995. Adam Driver plays Maurizio Gucci while Gaga fulfills the role of Patrizia.

Driver recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed to them the way both the stars connected with each other. He also talked about the way the two interacted with each other in romantic scenes of the film.

Adam Driver claimed that Gaga’s character always uses sex to get what she wants. He added that the very act of this very much imitates the dynamic that the script tried to recreate between their characters. Gaga simply brought it out in their acting, he said.

[Patrizia] very much uses sex as a tool, and I feel like it kind of physically embodies what’s going on between them; he comes from this not necessarily emotionally vapid, but [his life is] not as passionate, and that’s what she brought.


Gaga & Driver both have a lot of sex scenes in the film. He said that they simply blocked the stimuli of the scene as they usually treat, say, an action scene. While the ‘Girls‘ actor said that the two were very awkward at first, shooting the scenes after working together for a month made it easier.

We blocked it out as we would any fight or any scene, then we just kind of ran it maybe once or twice, and that was it! We were feeling it, so to speak! Everything I say sounds like a double entendre, but we winged it. I will say also, at that point, we had been shooting for a month, so we felt very comfortable to go where we needed to go.

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga are starring also Jared Leto, Al Pacino and Salma Hayek in the upcoming drama. Both Driver and Gaga have put a lot of themselves in this role. Lady Gaga even lived as Patrizia for a year and a half, and took her time to perfect the Italian accent.

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