Farrah Abraham has never been a fan favorite after being criticized countless times for being a bad parent. She recently caused a huge fight on the set of the new Teen Mom spinoff. The Teen Mom OG to Instagram to shock with her fans once again.

Farrah’s TikTok wasn’t the last straw as many may think. After fans begged her to stop with lip fillers and plastic surgery, Farrah came back again with more. This time on her Instagram.

Farrah is not oblivious to the fact that she looks unrecognizable. She recently admitted that even phone can’t keep tabs on what its owner looks like at the moment, thanks to Farrah constantly altering her looks.

Her recent Instagram story shows extreme plumpness of lips and a super lifted face. She further accentuated her plump lips with plenty of lipgloss. The reality TV star was seen smiling at the camera as her 12 year old daughter Sophia – sporting red and black hair – walked along beside her.


Fans have been urging Farrah to tone down the plastic surgery for years, claiming she looks completely unrecognizable now. While others have supported her right over her own body and appreciated her for her unapologetic attitude or “realness” as she seems to be champion for bodily autonomy.

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Shifa Jahan

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