Teen Mom veteran Farrah Abraham took to Instagram to share the shock with her fans. Farrah Abraham has never been a fan favorite after being criticized countless times for being a bad parent but people are now applauding her for being “self aware”.

Farah has been under the knife at least 12 times since 2010. She has had multiple breast augmentations, butt lifts, nose jobs, chin implants. lip injections and other implants. The commendable part of this is that the Teen Mom star isn’t afraid to talk about it. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Farrah previously described her “Plastic Surgery Journey” in her memoir, Dream Twenties: Self Guided Self Help Memoir.

“Yes, it’s true, I got plastic surgery and with that responsibility and freedom, there is a lot I learned,”

“I am grateful I got to show or document pretty much my first to my last procedure publicly. That includes even the mess-ups.

“There will be those insecure times with plastic surgery, where it’s not like the amazing boob job that just changes your world where life is going to stay sunny and pour money all over you, no I’m talking about when I got a chin implant.”

The Teen Mom star captioned the post: “When your phone shows you as different faces.” It seems that even her phone can’t keep tabs on what its owner looks like at the moment. This is thanks to Farrah constantly altering her looks.

She even documented photos of her being “Botched” when her lip enhancement procedure back fired. She went on “The Doctors” in 2015 and said she was lucky to still have her life

Fans have been urging Farrah to tone down the plastic surgery for years, claiming she looks completely unrecognizable now. While others have supported her right over her own body and appreciated her for her unapologetic “realness”

Seems like Farrah Abraham can’t stop herself from being embroiled in controversies this month. She got into a fight with co-star Cheyenne Floyd during the filming of her recently-announced Teen Mom spinoff series.

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